Sunday, 23 November 2003


10-pin bowling today, for a quick game. I actually got about 4 strikes and achieved one of my highest scores. Jacqueline did better than she normally does also - she beat Alice today(!) and scored a spare on her last throw. Alice loves it but you can tell that she can't wait until she's big enough to bowl the ball herself rather than using that ramp contraption. Her criteria for choosing the ball was basically to pick one that was pink! Then afterwards we went to the Supermarket afterwards and despite freezing rain by the bucket load, Alice still asked for (and got) a Slush Puppie when we'd finished!

The events in Georgia have hit primetime news. They're calling it another "velvet revolution" and it looks like Shevardnadze has flown out of the country. All happened very quickly, like the fall of the Eastern Block. I guess this is what comes of an unhappy army, police and population, and highlights that qualities required in peacetime are very different from those regarded in times of upheaval. For someone who was an architect of the downfall of the Soviet Union, and then one of the people responsible for ending the civil war in Georgia, it's a fairly ignominious ending to a career.

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