Friday, 28 November 2003

Lack of entries

Although I started off quite well, I haven't written much for a few days. But there's a good reason for this - I've actually been developing the web pages which will allow me to write this web log.

They've just passed their test (although I'm sure I'll be tweaking it here and there), so now there's no excuse.

Elections in Northern Ireland are looking interesting. Sinn Fein look to have done well, so too do Ian Paisley's DUP. Since my views are broadly nationalist - I certainly don't believe NI should be governed from Westminster - I'm not so sure about the latter. Certainly Trimble appears more moderate - wherever I hear him, Paisley just seems to spout hatred.

Funnily enough, I was reading Tony Benn's diary (an excellent read, by the way, a truly principled man, a rarity in politics) a month or so ago, and he had a couple of compliments in there for Ian Paisley. There must be a lot more to the man than his public image. But I suppose the time we'll know progress is being made in NI is when there is no need even for sectarian political parties, but having parties based on social/economic principles instead.

The trains are up the spout. There was a landslip just outside Salisbury station a couple of days ago, and not only has the timetable gone to pot (which I can generally understand) but they have also taken the opportunity to shorten the trains to two-thirds of their normal size. Quite how rolling stock comes into matters, I don't know, but the result is that people are standing all around. Any one crisis is just the excuse for the whole of the system going to pot.

Because of the delays on the trains, most of my waking time this week has been spent either at my client's site, or travelling to it. Not a great deal of time spent at home. Still, the weekend's coming up...

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