Saturday, 22 November 2003

Rainy Days

Up early, and visited David Brown's (Salisbury) for an excellent breakfast. Salisbury was very quiet - first because if was raining and second because the Rugby World Cup final was on. I'm not a big fan of rugby, but it's probably worth mentioning that England beat Australia. I suppose if doesn't happen every day...

Salisbury looking very christmassey already.

Went on up to a nearby farm shop, Hockeys, to order the christmas turkey. Always excellent quality, especially with all the scares about supermarket meat. At least you feel you've got some assurance. BBC24 were showing scenes from Georgia. Protesters have invaded their parliament, and it looks like Shevardnadze's days could be numbered. It's funny, but I remember him, along with Gorbachev, as one of the architects of the end of the Soviet Union. Quite a reformer. I vaguely remember that he was heavily involved in the ending of their civil war only a decade ago. How times have obviously changed...

Apart from that, a quiet day. It's been raining all the time but it does look like the grass seed I planted a couple of weeks ago has taken. Good - the lawn is in something of a state.

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