Friday, 26 December 2003

Happy Christmas

Finally taking the trouble to write to the log after a hectic couple of days.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, indigestion reigned. Well, seriously, Alice was very excited at some of her presents and come the evening her high spirits just got a little too much for the eardrums.

Today we had three - we had the family round so not only was there Alice, there were Lorraine's (Jacqueline's sister) two as well. Still, the kids were well behaved, even if in even higher spirits. We had an excellent joint of roast beef. (Yesterday was the traditional turkey - both cuts from our favourite Hockeys Farm - delicious.)

This morning Alice and I went out to see the new Queen Mary II arrive in Southampton Water. I gave us an hour to get there, which should have been ample, but there was unbelievable traffic. The plan was to go down to Calshot and watch as she came into Southampton Water, but we were still on our way there when we saw her from by Fawley Power Station. So I turned the car around and managed to drive straight through Fawley and actually found a space in a Pub car park, right by the water's edge. Unfortunately it was very misty so we didn't get a good view, but from what we did see, the ship looks magnificent.

I don't normally get "turned on" by machines, but this liner looked absolutely beautiful.

Aside from this, I found out yesterday that my mum was in hospital. Apparently everyone thought everyone else had told me, so nobody called. It's not life-threatening, but I might still have to visit her over the next few days. Not looking forward to that much - its probably an eight-hour journey there and back, and when we visited her just a couple of months ago the return leg alone took eight hours.

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