Saturday, 24 January 2004

The Cat sat on the... Sofa

OK, stupid title. The cat's sitting right next to me at the moment, fast asleep. Good old Barney.
Well, it's apparent that keeping up this blog is going to be somewhat difficult. The original intention was to write something every day, or every couple of days. Instead it seems to be every couple of weeks at the moment. Still, it probably gets written to more often than it gets read at the moment.

In the news, a front bench Liberal MP (Jenny Teague) has got herself fired for comments about how, if she were Palestinian, she could well become a suicide bomber. Quite astonishing how careless people can be with words. When you look at the substance of what she said, she's absolutely right in her sentiment - if I had to live under a brutal, oppressive occupying army I'd certainly look at ways to resist. And if my religious beliefs were sufficiently strong that I believed death in a holy war would sent me straight up there to paradise, then why not suicide bombing? But the way this woman said it was sufficiently poor that it not only grabbed all the headlines of the day, those headlines read as though she were condoning the suicide bombers. Sacked within a day - Charles Kennedy really is trying to be a professional, and electable, as possible.

On the personal front, the contract market seems to be picking up a little after a dour two years in which I've been hanging on in there, but definitely consulting for the sake of bringing revenue into the company, rather than consulting on things I enjoy doing. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new game - Call of Duty - which is mildly addictive, to say the least. Possible grounds for divorce, if you ask Jacqueline. The multiplayer version is absolutely brilliant, although I'm utterly useless at it, of course. Still good fun, as long as it doesn't detract from daily life.

Have just booked the summer holiday, just to a holiday park in Cornwall this year. A far cry from the usual three week jaunt to France, but that's a direct knock-on of the business downturn. Still, Alice should like it. One of the drawbacks about going to France is that we never feel that Alice is overly enjoying herself. I mean, we always have a pool, generally go to the beach etc., but there's something missing. The place we're going to this year is a Butlins-type place by the looks of things, plenty of activities for her to get up to. On the plus side it looks like good cycling country, so I'd like to take my bike.

That's all for now. Must try to get into the habit of less volume, greater frequency.

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