Tuesday, 6 January 2004

A New Year

Well, I'm obviously not very good at this blogging thing.

Life is pretty quiet at the moment, starting to get back into the groove after the holidays. To be honest, I didn't take much of a break - a long weekend over christmas and another long weekend over the new year.

Got lots of good reading material at the moment. Jacqueline bought 3 books for my christmas / birthday presents (my birthday is a couple of days after christmas). The main book was a Chris Bonnington photographic book about Everest. I've yet to read it but did scan through some amazing photos. Also, there was Ricky Tomlinson's autobiography - a very interesting read. It was certainly enjoyable but I'm not sure I fully understand the guy. Lastly, there was a book that took me completely by surprise, about a guy who on a spur-of-the-moment thing, decides to ride the route of the Tour de France. Very entertaining, especially since I'm a bit of a francophile myself. A very good read.

British Rail started the year with a bang. Last weekend there must have been engineering works at Clapham Junction. A crane toppled over and did vast amounts of damage. So not only did the work overrun, of course, but they need to fix the extra damage they caused. The upshot of it is that they seem to be restricting the numbers of trains that go through there, adding a change and an hour to my journey. These people are so useless. I mean, if I was that crap I wouldn't have a business. I wonder if anyone got fired over this? I bet not.

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