Tuesday, 23 March 2004


Maisie came and demanded a major fuss this morning. Normally, a cat requiring a fuss is not exactly newsworthy, but Maisie is a very independent little thing who almost never wants attention. It's unheard of, for example, for her to come and sit on anyone's knee of an evening.

But this morning, she got me just as I'd finished in the shower. From starting off by rubbing against my legs as I was drying off, she decided to jump onto my shoulders. I don't know if this is typical of cats (I've not experienced this before) but this is Maisie's specialty. And she spent the next five minutes roaming across to each shoulder, getting a fuss along the way, and rubbing herself against the short hair at the back of my head. Very nice... She can be an affectionate little thing when she wants to be, and she's just so mega-cute its unbelievable.

Unfortunately pleasurable as this experience was, it turned me from "on time" into "late". So getting out of the house became a rush. Still, what price a cat's happiness?

Staying with felines, I spotted a book on my visit to Amazon yesterday that I think I'll have to get hold of. In the early-90s I was checking out a book shop in Oxford, where I was then living, and I came across a book by a guy called Peter Gethers. This guy is a scriptwriter by profession, but the book wasn't about him, it was about his cat. Suffice it to say he went from cat hater to cat lover, with many adventures in between. In summary, an excellent read. The Cat who went to Paris. About 5 years later, after I'd just met Jacqueline, I found, completely by accident, that Gethers had written another book about his cat (Norton). Gethers (a New Yorker) upped sticks and went to live in Provence for a year or so. Not a bad thing for a human to do, let along a cat! Not quite as good as the first but a good read nevertheless. Then, when I visited Amazon yesterday (I haven't been to amazon.com for years, I normally go to amazon.co.uk), a recommendation appeared for a third book, which tells the story of the remainder of Norton's life. I'll just have to get it... If you're interested, the third book can be found here. I'm sure you could quickly get to the other books from this link too.

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