Sunday, 9 May 2004

Business Matters

Well, now it's time for a minor rant. I do try to keep business matters away from this site, if for no other reason than it could potentially be embarrasing (or worse) if a client were to visit this site and find any criticism here.

Events of last week really take the biscuit, however, and I really must say something. I will keep it to a minimum, however, at the risk of droning on and on.

A fairly lucrative contract fell through - it would have been worth at least 75k. Why? Because the agency involved in setting the contract up faffed about for so long getting all the arrangements sorted, that by the time they finally got their act together there was no way I'd be able to commence work in the timeframe that the clients wanted.

In my business, it's all about getting a foot in the door with clients, and provided the quality is there, there is often follow-up business to be had. A couple of years ago I secured business with a major bank, where the initial contract was worth about 60k. In the end, with follow-on work, the value of the relationship was something like 250k.

I won't say any more, but I am absolutely bloody seething about this.

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