Monday, 10 May 2004

Sunny Times

Beautiful day in London today.

Lunch was spent with a sandwich in St James's Square. This was the place were Yvonne Fletcher was shot - 20 years ago this year (I remember seeing the news bulletins at the time) - and one of the buildings was also home to Eisenhower as he planned for D-Day. I think Nancy Astor also lived on the square.

So anyway, a nice lunch amidst a little greenery. Shame about the noise of the traffic on all sides, but then I can't complain coming back home to rural Wiltshire each day.

Then for the journey from the client's office to Waterloo, I decided for once to walk. I used to walk this journey a lot but haven't done so for a while. Very pleasant walking along The Mall, through Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross, then across the Hungerford Bridge. Depending on which of the bridges you choose, the Hungerford offers excellent views either eastwards toward the City, or westwards towarde the Eye and Westminster. Lovely

By the time I got home it was thundering.

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