Sunday, 9 May 2004

A True Gentleman

I sent Tony Benn an email to say how much I enjoyed his visit to Swindon. For the record, this was his response:

Dear Peter
Many thanks for your e-mail and diary for Swindon.
I am a Labour man because you cannot make much progress alone and there is a difference of analysis between the parties even if policies converge under New Labour.
But it was nice to get a message from a customer and I will pass it on to my Marketing manager --- who is
Tony Benn

This response is, of course, reproduced here with his permission. He send a hilarious response when I asked his permission:

My management consultant has asked my spin doctor whether he thinks my image would be helped by using my reply on your website and the Focus Group who have studied the poll results have said it is OK so go ahead 

This part is reproduced without his permission, but I'm sure he won't mind. I'm really glad I made contact him, he's very approachable and again this isn't something one particularly associates with politicians these days.

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