Sunday, 23 May 2004

Well, it's been a few days since I wrote anything, so here I am raring to go.

In truth, nothing much has happened but life is very pleasant at the moment. Summer is very much on its way, and this part of the world is really coming into its own. There's an explosion of a million different greens, wherever you look. And of course everything is growing so fast at the moment - we're mowing the lawn every week and last week John, who helps us with the garden once or twice a year, paid a visit. Currently, then, the driveway is filled with three great piles of tidied-up foliage. Still, very enjoyable even though I only really get time at weekends. Barbeques each Saturday and Sunday, soon I'll look like a burger. The hanging baskets, herbs and strawberries bought recently are all doing well, and we remain impressed by this new mower (which I think I mentioned previously). Next tasks will be to rake the lawn and to dig some fertiliser into the borders.

Alice is very happy currently, she spends a lot of time in the garden playing with the kids next door. They're very excited currently because they're off on a family holiday to Hong Kong next week, I think. For both of the kids its their first time flying.

Work is going quite well. Despite the comments of a few weeks ago, I think there is a definite pick up in the market, so although we had a setback it's really only a matter of time. It's just a shame that there's no scope to do anything much with the current clients, since they are quite nice, but what I'm doing just doesn't turn me on and doesn't pay well. Still, I've recently revamped the cv so I'll keep pushing for a change.

Off out in a minute to get some garden furniture, just some cheap plastic stuff (we don't take sufficient care of things to get anything more up-market). Plus the weekly shop - could it be another barbie tonight? We'll see.

Must just mention the bike. Been getting out on it a bit and its great. The changes I made to the gears and the chainset have been really good, despite the sense of foreboding I felt at the time. But then I'm always the same with DIY stuff. I always start things hesitantly because I think of how wrong I could do things, but they generally turn out well in the end.

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