Saturday, 19 June 2004


Well, an eventful last couple of days. A week ago all was well, last Sunday afternoon I fell asleep in front of one of the Euro 2004 matches, complete with Barney asleep on top of me.

The next day we didn't see Barney, and in fact we didn't see him again until bedtime Tuesday. I called him, and there was this faint "miow". Barney appeared, obviously in pain. I went and got him in, but he didn't appear to be wounded, so once he was in I just left him to sleep. Wednesday morning he wasn't any better, very lethargic, so we booked him in to the vet's. Thursday he just seemed like he had no will to live, although he did manage to get out of the house but I found him under his favourite tree.

Once we got to the vet's, it was obvious that Barney was very poorly indeed, and in fact we found out later that day that he possibly had a blockage in his intestines, and even worse that his kidneys had failed for some reason. It didn't look good - his bloods showed that his urea and creatinine were off the scale, plus he'd become very dehydrated. Anyway, they put him onto a drip to rehydrate him and we all crossed our fingers.
We got news last night that he was making some progress. His bloods were still high, but after 24 hours on a drip they were down on the previous day. Then, this morning I went to visit him. He was a little down on his normal self, but a huge improvement on when we took him in on Thursday, when he didn't seem to care whether he lived or died. Having said that, we have to be careful since the improvement could be solely due to the drip and that he's no longer dehydrated. What we really need are for his urea and creatinine to normalise. Let's hope when they take his bloods later today it'll be good news...

Apart from that I have been spending a little bit of money recently. Well, my company has... I needed to get a new laptop to replace one which is now 5 years old. I did and have been very pleased with it thus far. Also, we needed to get a digital camera to keep the company web site spruced up, so we bought a new camera as well. On the new business front it has gone a little quiet, although I did meet some potential clients a couple of weeks ago, but I decided early on that I didn't think we'd be compatible. There's a phrase in the industry about "death march" projects - you can guess what they are - and this looked like one of them!
Had lunch with Stuart Westwood (a mate I met whilst consulting at Coutts) a week ago, it looks like Jacqueline and I might be arranging a barbeque sometime soon to introduce him to Jacqueline's sister Lorraine. A bit of matchmaking - you never know...

Also, made contact with Paul McKibbin (again, an ex-colleague from Barclays) last week. Haven't seen him for a couple of years but it was excellent to catch up. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up for a beer soon.

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