Saturday, 26 June 2004


Well, I suppose I should start by mentioning Barney. We succeeded in keeping him in today, and he seems pretty much the same. Still looks to be off his food, but there again we can't tell for sure and he looks as though he may have at least eaten something. But there is definitely no deterioration and I should add that he appears not only comfortable but most definitely content. He's constantly purring.

We went to Sherborne today for the first time, despite pretty foul weather. A really beautiful place, the kind of place I could settle. We went on to visit Sherborne Castle - the castle itself was all right, but the gardens were especially nice to walk through, again despite the weather.

From there we visited Jacquelne's sister, Lorraine, down in Dorchester. She has two kids and makes me relieved that we stopped at one.

On the way home, got stopped by the police for the first time in 9 years of driving. On a fast (70mph) road with no other traffic, the guy clocked me doing 91. I was a bit shocked at first, the main aim just being to end the experience as soon as possible and to continue on home. However, as I thought about things I just became more and more livid. I will not say what I think here, but it is very much in terms of expletives, with other terms like revenue sources and cash cows springing to mind. There is a phrase about not even stopping to p*** on someone even if they were on fire. It springs to mind.

At the end of the day, I will do what everybody does - take the £60 fine and the the three points, because that's the route with the least hassle on my part. Enough.

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