Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Bastille Day Update

Life is ticking over. Had fun and games over the weekend fixing a leak to the outflow pipe underneath the bathroom sink. Very fiddly, but looks like its sorted now. In the process I also found a leak in the tap, however (but only a small one). So you can imagine, I'm stuck in this very confined space trying to fit all these pipes together... Not pleasant.

Bill Clinton is in town, which is far more agreeable than when Bush came to stay. He was doing a book-signing at Waterstones on Piccadilly, just a stones throw from where my current clients are based, so I went over to take a look but there were tremendous queues. He's been staying at the Ritz and just after I arrived at the clients' this morning someone came in to say they'd just bumped into him as he was leaving for someplace. Also, he did a brief Radio 4 interview this morning. Sounded very spur-of-the-moment, but this guy is very quick-witted and so obviously switched on, he came across very well. Also, he was very candid. Unbelievable that America gave this guy such a hard time while he was in office - I mean, in the grand scheme of things just how petty was all this Lewinsky rubbish? So he asked her to lie - so what, it's no more than any guy having an affair would do. It just wasn't important.

Still, in a world where his presidency was sandwiched between the Bushes, and in a world where Ronald Reagan (who died a month or so ago) is remembered fondly for tripling America's debt, Clinton is bound to go down in history, at least, as one of the greats.

Shame he seems to have brought terrible weather with him. Nothing but rain thus far, and its mid July.
Work-wise, am finally starting to think about a new project, an internet-based "reminder" application. (You type in some event and it'll either send you an email to remind you, or an SMS message.) I've got the domain names and, not sure which to use yet but not really important at the moment. Typical early days of project - have yet to really get my teeth into it.

Been following the Tour de France - most remarkable thing so far has been the weather (awful), a relief in fact since a couple of months ago we talked about going over to Brittany to see the Tour over the weekend (would have been last weekend). It didn't come off - the new work which would have paid for it fell through - but the weather was so bad I'm glad we stayed home. Been quite good thus far, though, since they've been travelling across the flatlands of northern France and Belgium, so it's really been good for the sprinters. Today they've got a massive 160-mile stage (6-7 hours cycling), then on Friday they're into the Pyrenees, where I expect the leaderboard will start to take shape. Lance Armstrong is positioned well, looks like he could well make it a sixth. Only sad thing is that David Duffield has either retired or been dropped from Eurosport. A shame since he was an excellent commentator and absolutely mad as the proverbial hatstand. Now they've got a guy called Mike Smith - nowhere near as good. Fortunately Sean Kelly is still there, so adds at least some knowledge/experience of cycling.

The boy continues to live, sleep and eat. He'll never be as active as he was, but let's hope he's got a few more years left in him.

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