Sunday, 18 July 2004

Busy Weekend


Well, another weekend over. Been quite a successful one. Started off on Saturday when the post arrived, complete with a cheque to settle an insurance claim which has been ongoing since December 2002. This woman ran into the back of me - on my birthday at that - so there was no question of fault. My car got repaired OK, and I got a replacement car. But the day after the accident I needed to get the car checked out, to make sure it was actually safe to drive. Consequently I lost a day of work. I lost two other days, firstly when I dropped my car off to be fixed and again when I picked it up. Unfortunately the nearest approved repairer for my make of car was in Christchurch, Dorset, completely the opposite direction to the clients', in London. So I claimed for three days lost income. It was a bit fuzzy since it was actually the company that lost the income, not me personally, although I would ultimately have lost income because the profits would have been that much less and my resulting dividend would have been that much less...

But basically, after 18 months of stalling, the woman's insurance has coughed up. I feel like I've won something, although all I've really done is recover money I effectively spent out all that time ago.

We went over to Bournemouth and had a nice breakfast, partly with the aim of getting some wood and paint to sort the bathroom out. Unfortunately the wood-cutting service in B&Q was out of order, so we settled just for paint and I ended up having to go over to Southampton later on. Still, got everything there, including a new toy (more below). Have mostly completed the bathroom now, save for a panel covering the side of the bath - we got under there and everythig was a little damp so it's probably best to leave it to air for a week or so. Jacqueline was sufficiently impressed that she reckons I could do a new bathroom for us if I really wanted to. I don't mind doing little things but I must admit I am a little hesitant getting into big jobs because I don't want to screw things up. But things do generally turn out all right.

So that's sorted, will do the finishing touches next weekend. The new toy? Well, I was so impressed by the petrol lawnmower I decided to get a petrol hedge trimmer also. Haven't even got it out of its box yet, but I'm sure it'll get some use in time to come.

Today, we did an early shop and tidied the house in preparation firstly for an old friend coming over for a barbeque, secondly for Jacqueline's mum, who arrives tomorrow for a week. Paul came over with new girlfriend Becky in tow, who was really nice. Alice certainly took a shine to her, looks like Paul has too. Absolutely great to see Paul again after about 4 years - seemed like yesterday which I guess is the mark of a good friendship. But I really must keep in touch better.

After Paul and Becky left Alice wanted to go for a walk so we went down to the river. Took some photos which will hit the site eventually, but haven't had time today. Then back to continue tidying. I use the spare bedroom as an office which means that there is generally lots of paper around the place. So it got sorted, but I haven't had time to file it. Must do that tomorrow night...

Last thing that has happened was that I just sat two online tests for a prospective contract. First time I've done such a thing, and of course I am convinced I have failed. But then I do tend to be somewhat self-critical, I always find that I have a far lower opinion of the quality of my work than those around me. The thing that keeps me positive is the fact that I've had several clients, and all were impressed with the quality of the services I've performed. Still, I guess my attitude does guard against arrogance.

And at the end of the day, for all passing a couple of tests may open up some new business opportunities, failing them just closes off those opportunities. It doesn't harm the business already coming in. So it's not as if it's majorly important, after all. Will keep the log posted.

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