Sunday, 25 July 2004

Maillot Jaune

Beautiful, sunny weekend. Been DIYing again – painting the skirting boards in the bathroom and toilet. It’s all been a cheapo patch-up job, what we really need is a new bathroom, but the place does look quite spruced up for a new coat of paint. Also, mowed the lawn (the grass is looking pretty good at present).

Just watched the end of the Tour de France. Beautiful shots of Paris, but not a patch on the 2,111 miles of countryside they passed along the way. Lance Armstrong has just made history by winning his sixth tour. He really deserved it, though. For about three days in the Alps last week, he just destroyed the opposition. On Wednesday they had a time trial up to the top the Alpe d’Huez, only 15.5km although uphill all the way. There were seconds between the riders until Armstrong came along and won by a minute. He’s just that good…

It’s Alice’s birthday next week and we didn’t really know what to get her. So we took her to Toys’R’Us this morning and just said “You’ve got ¾ hour, choose something.” In the end, we came out with a Disney coach-and-horses, a Snow White, a Sleeping Beauty and a Prince. Oh, and a baseball for me! All tat, but Alice is happy. Except that we’ve now hidden them from her so she can’t have them until her birthday.

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