Friday, 30 July 2004

New Forest Show

Very tired this morning. We went to the New Forest Show yesterday, very enjoyable and the photos will be appearing in the album as and when... Arrived at about 10:30am, and spent the next couple of hours wandering around. Then we went back to the car to have a very nice picnic in the field. (We went to the Show a couple of years ago and the food was both awful and extortionate, so this time I decided we'd take a picnic instead. So I went to Waitrose the night before and picked up £20-worth of excellent picnic food. Far better and probably cost less too. The smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels went down particularly well!)

After lunch we went back into the Show, and stayed there until about 5:30pm. So we had a good walk around. Also, the weather became cooler (in the morning and over lunch it had been very warm), making it much more comfortable for mooching around. For all that, we didn't actually buy anything much, apart from a birthday present for my mum. For Alice it was a mixed day. There was a fun fair on the showground so she had some rides on them as a treat; but the downside was that she lost a couple of toys she'd accumulated during the day - she just put them down somewhere and forgot about them. She was very upset, but the toys were only tat in any case, and she'll be getting toys galore at her party on Sunday. So I wasn't too sympathetic.

The result of the day was that Alice slept in the car on the way home, and by the time we actually got home had recharged her batteries. Conversely, Jacqueline and I were both fit to drop by the time we got home. I had a kip on the sofa for an hour, although to my credit I did then go out and wash my car. Jacqueline just went to bed. I felt very tired this morning too - obviously not used to that much walking - but I did sleep well last night.

Busy weekend ahead. We've got the annual barbeque on Sunday, so will need to make an effort to tidy the house beforehand, although it's pretty tidy already at the moment. Also, after doing all the preparation work in the bathroom I need to finally fit the panels to make everything look the part. A bit concerned since the floor under the bath hasn't dried, even though we ripped the old bath-side out to let the air in. Having said that we do use the bath a couple of times a day so it could just be a case of sealant no longer sealing. I think we'll need to undo everything before we go on holiday, and check out what it's like when we get back, after a week of disuse.

In the client's office at the moment - could quite easily just shut my eyes...

Must write some more later about the decision to go camping!

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