Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Sleepless Nights

Got a very annoying, tickly cough at the moment. Mostly I'm fine but it does tend to strike me at bedtime, and I've spent the last couple of nights trying not to cough. Monday night I gave up and went into the lounge to sleep on the sofa. Awful night's sleep.

Jac's mum has arrived. She's nice and very easygoing, but there is a change in Jacqueline's behaviour when she's around. Jacqueline's trying to be Mother Hen a little. Also, Alice has been very excited. The last couple of nights, although we've put Alice to bed at her normal time of 8:30, she's still been awake at 11pm. Very annoying. This morning she even woke up early - before my alarm at 5:45am - and came into the room and started talking to us. Basically, she'd wet the bed in the night and then woken up. She didn't want to sleep in a wet bed so she came to see us...

When I finally did get up, at 6, she'd taken her duvet into the lounge and was watching tv. How a child can get by with such a small amount of sleep is beyond me. Probably means she'll be naughty this afternoon, when she gets tired.

New bike rack arrived yesterday. Looks the part but I haven't tried it on the car yet.

Took those tests on Sunday night. Wasn't quite sure what to expect but they turned out to be pure code syntax tests. I always do badly in that kind of test since I've never placed a great emphasis on learning syntax (or even a language) for its own sake. As I see it, software development is nothing more than a means to an end (where the "end" is either solving a business problem, or enabling a business improvement). I don't get particularly excited about the means in itself. Obviously this particular client was looking for people who did.
Still, as I said the other day, whilst its never complimentary to "fail" something, I'm fortunate enough to have worked with several people whose ability is second-to-none, and they've left me in no doubt as to whether they think I'm any good or not.

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