Saturday, 3 July 2004


Life seems to be returning to normal for the boy. He caught his first mouse today since he'd been ill. Very proud he was too. The only thing out of the ordinary was that he actually ate some of it (yuk!) where before he only ever used to play with them. Still, maybe he was just hungry...

Went to Alice's school fair this afternoon. Very much sunshine and showers. Alice and the other kids in the Reception year did a country dancing display for us, and Alice joined in well. She does like music a lot, although the reports I tend to hear from the school tend to say that she doesn't join in particularly well. But she did today.

I should mention that my mother retired yesterday. I spoke to her last hight and again today, she's very much on a high since the people in her work treated her very nicely. But then she has spent her whole working life with the same company (John Lewis). I did ask her what plans she had, and she said she needed to clean the house. There's ambition for you!

Saw Love Actually on tv tonight. A very "nice" film, a bit samey (Four Weddings, Notting Hill) but pleasant enough. A good film for a rainy Sunday afternoon - except that tonight was Saturday night and I think it stopped raining a while ago. After it finished I flicked through the channels and found Highlander was on. Now, there's a film and a half. But I can't watch it any more without getting sad about Freddie Mercury. What a talent. I don't subscribe to the "fan" culture, but that guy had such a huge talent yet at the same time seemed so vulnerable. It wasn't even the music with Queen - I was never particularly interested in them at the time - it was just the magnitude of talent that one person had. Kenny Everett, too. It can be a cruel world...

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