Monday, 5 July 2004

The Whole Story

The previous entry should probably have had some explanation to go with... Last week, when we left the story of the Barn, we was off his food and we weren't sure what would happen. Fortunately by last Sunday he had started pecking at some food. He does seem to like food in gravy - licks off the gravy and leaves the meat! Anyway, once he started eating over the next couple of days he got more and more back to normal. So his health seems to be returning. As I wrote this culminated in him catching a mouse on Saturday morning, then proceeding to eat part of it in front of us in the bedroom. Gross.

Pretty bad Sunday. We went to Tesco's first thing, started arguing with Jacqueline, and the day pretty much continued that way. We've had better days.

Alice will be pleased with me tonight, however. For Valentines, I think, I got Jacqueline a box set of '80s hits, one of which was Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights". Alice just lovs it, although we put our hands over our ears when she decides to join in. Anyway, I wandered past HMV to find that they had a sale on, and got her Greatest Hits album, "The Whole Story". So now Alice can wail away to any one of a dozen Kate Bush songs (I'm sure she'll like Baboushka). Also managed to find a couple of my "dead" albums in there (i.e. cds that won't play any more). Whoever said that CDs last forever was lying - especially when you keep them in your car!!

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