Monday, 9 August 2004

At the end of the day

Well, we finally got some rain today, so things are looking a little greener outside. Was woken up by hearing the rain in the earlt morning, but it made everything seem a little fresher.

After my entry yesterday Alice decided to be really awkward about going to sleep. I ended up shouting at her and giving her a smack, which obviously upset her and stressed me out. A wonderful end to the weekend.
Forgot to mention, another batch of work fell through last week. In fairness this was at a much earlier stage than last time, so I haven't really had to invest any time. Really annoying, though. These particular clients wanted the flexibility of a consultant (i.e. no employment committments, no tax, no NI, can get rid of me when they want) yet expected me to behave just like one of their employees. Their spec even said they expected people to "go the extra mile when necessary". A bit of a joke. If you want professional people to do business with you you have to act professionally in return. So now everyone loses...

It really would be nice not to have to rely on clients!

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