Monday, 30 August 2004

August Bank Holiday

Pretty disastrous bank holiday weekend.

Didn't do much on Saturday, on the grounds that there were always Sunday and Monday...

Sunday, was ready to do the weekly shop at about 11 o'clock, but Jacqueline (who has worked Saturday and was due to work Sunday) said she was still tired, and could she have another half hour lying down. Two and a half hours later... So we didn't get as far as the shops. However, later in the afternoon Alice and I did meet up with Simon and Patrick, for a swim. Went on to a child-friendly pub where we had a not-bad evening meal, and everyone was happy.

Today the sun was shining so we went over to Marwell. Unfortunately lots of other people had the same idea. Had to queue to get in, although once we were in it was pretty good. Until lunch. Again, we had to queue for lunch and Alice and queues just don't mix. They had a burger kiosk and a seating area, so Jacqueline queued for the burgers while I secured a table. After a fair old wait, in which Alice flitted continually between the two of us (in addition to going to the toliet about 3 times), Jacqueline arrived at the table with the food. Alice promptly spilt her drink - one of these fizzy, syrupy pop things - all over me, soaking my t-shirt and shorts. So there ended the day at Marwell - there was no way I was going to continue walking around in sticky, soaked clothes, so we ended up driving straight home. What a waste of fifty quid, which I can ill afford at the moment in any case. Very angry. Plus, of course, we'd tentatively planned to eat out (given that there was no food in the house) and of course all this came to nothing. So supper tonight was a somewhat frugal affair.

To cap it all Alice's childminder has just phoned to see if Alice wants to go out for the day tomorrow. Guess where to? You guessed it, Marwell. So she'll get to see everything whereas I just get a soaking. Currently very anti children. Plus, of course, I get the feeling that Jacqueline thinks I ruined the day by refusing to walk around the place in soaking clothes. It always seems to be the two of them versus me.

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