Monday, 23 August 2004

Back to Normal

Back into the routine. Spent a pleasant day yesterday chilling out. Amidst beautiful weather, went for a walk into the Forest, (Highland Water, by Boldrewood). Wow! As an aside, Multimap actually gives maps to OS detail - very impressive, there was no way I'd have remembered the name otherwise!

Thereon spent the day in "end of holiday" mood - we went over to Burley for a cream tea, then having driven home I made a barbeque of fillet steak as a rare (nowadays) treat. We just about missed the rain.
Picked the cats up yesterday and spent most of the evening with the Barn wedged, limpet-like, on my knee, watching "As Good As It Gets" (excellent film, got it already on dvd but what the hey?)

Stormy night, cats restless. Barney caught something and from the crunching sound it sounded like he was having a feast, bones and all. I'm glad I left this morning before I got to see what he'd left on the floor! Alarm went off at an incredible 5:45am, the holiday was definitely over and the routine had resumed.

Rain all the way into London, and most of the day since. Went into St James's Square at lunch (during a bright spell) to finish off my book (this is still Book 1 of 4, if you've read the holiday entries). Unfortunately was rudely interrupted by a rain shower, so must wait until the journey home tonight.

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