Monday, 2 August 2004

Birthday Barbie

Woke up this morning and felt very "lucky". The weather over the last few days - including this morning - has been absolutely glorious, and our local countryside looks at its best at this time of year. Very much a green and pleasant land!

We had a very agreeable weekend, culminating in having our annual "Alice's Birthday" barbeque yesterday. It was quite hard work, although this year we'd done most of the preparation, cleaning (a big task in our household) etc. on the Saturday. Also, Jacqueline had done the bulk of the shopping on Friday evening so the only things to do yesterday were to get a couple of last-minute items and to give everything a cursory re-tidy. Oh, and I needed to clear up the patio (for which the new hedge trimmer was used for the first time and was very effective). By about 2pm I'd had enough (far too hot to work!) and just settled down to await the onslaught.

Thereon, apart from about ¾ hour when I had to do the cooking on the barbie, we had an extremely pleasant, chilled afternoon sitting in the garden in beautiful weather. We really do seem to be lucky with the weather each year (although one really should expect good weather at the beginning of August!). Jacqueline's sisters, Lorraine and Susan, came over. Also Simon and Janet, plus Steve and Mel (next door neighbours) came along, complete with broods in tow. I think probably seven or eight kids in total. I took around forty photos, which I haven't had the energy to look at yet, but which will appear in the Album as and when. (I did manage to put the photos from the New Forest Show up there on Friday evening, so I am making an effort!)

As things started getting hotter I put the sprinkler on in the front garden, and the kids started getting wet.

Finally, at about 7.30pm with only Simon and Co left, we headed down to the river (leaving the womenfolk to watch Coronation Street) for an evening stroll. Alice and Patrick still had lots of energy to spend, so we just let them run through the meadow. Christopher, on the other hand, had pretty much decided enough was enough, so Simon had to carry him pretty much there and back. A hot air baloon passed overhead - the people inside must have had a lovely view.

So, back to grimy old London this morning, although it is now only two weeks to go to our holiday. Must get the bike rack, reg plate, sorted next weekend.

Oh, forgot to mention, Alice is 5 today.

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