Tuesday, 3 August 2004

Getting into my Stride

Two entries in two days, three in five days. My, we're getting keen!

Actually I've just finished something and it's almost lunchtime, so I've got a spare five minutes.

Alice's birthday passed quite nicely in the end - apparently she got taken for a birthday lunch to McDonalds, a rare treat for her. We'd got her a toy guitar for her birthday and she was playing with that as I got home last night - it's actually quite good, although I got tired of hearing it pretty quickly! Before getting the train I stopped off at Thorntons and got some chocolates for after supper, the final treat of the day. Finally, when I tucked her in she was quite sad that tomorrow wouldn't be her birthday any more. So she'd obviously enjoyed the experience of the last couple of days.

Haven't talked about the world news recently, mainly because there's not a lot going on. Latest things on the news are about the Al-Quaeda guy who was arrested in Pakistan, and on his computer they found plans to bomb things in America and Britain. The Americans have been open about this, and have released the names and locations of the possible targets. The British government has kept quiet. Obviously they know best....
It's very infuriating to be treated like a child, even moreso because I'm at risk precisely because of the policies they are pursuing and which I don't subscribe to. One can hardly be surprised if the Muslim world is up in arms because of the crusading US and British. I suppose one must hope for a Kerry victory in November, followed by a pretty radical shake-up of US foreign policy, hopefully leaving Blair sufficiently isolated that he'll just go along with the Americans. I don't think an election in the UK would make any difference, since the only people who would have led the UK into Iraq faster than Blair, would have been the Tories. So I think Kerry is the best hope to improve this madness.

It must hark back to the Cold War, when ultimately you had to ask yourself whether the "ordinary" Russian really did want to kill you just because of your lifestyle? Of course not, as long as you weren't adversely affecting their own lifestyle. I'm sure the same must be true of Muslims.


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