Saturday, 21 August 2004

Home at Last

Home at last.

The meal last night was excellent, a traditional old fish and chip restaurant. Then back for one more visit to the nearby Carbis Bay. We avoided the hotel this time, though, and just headed for the beach. It must have been 10pm, and the sea was black apart from the white surf. Tried to take a couple of photos but not sure how they'll come out (haven't downloaded them yet).

This morning we got up early and packed without hassle. Then, disaster struck. As Jacqueline was taking some rubbish to the bin, she managed to get stung by one of the million wasps in this place. So she's been uncomfortable all day, not to mention highly vengeful!

Having left early (well, before the 10am deadline) we heard reports of traffic build-up on the radio so we headed off to the Lost Garden of Heligan. Another garden, what can I say? We can stroll, I can snap, Alice can run around like a mad thing - perfect! Fortunately the route we took today was quiet (the gardens were quite close to St Austell, which took an hour today but two hours the other day), so we had a couple of pleasant hours walking around. Not quite sure where the time went but we decided to head into St Austell for lunch after the gardens, not least to get some of the nice pasties for supper! As it was, we visited the cafe we went to the other day (The Thin End, I think), and the Pastie shop. Again excellent, and the people in both places were so nice (and very gorgeous, but we won't go into that!). Funny really since St Austell in itself is nothing spectacular.

Anyway, at around 3 o'clock we were finally ready to head back East, having hopefully missed the traffic. Just like going down there, we were again fortunate, didn't hit any traffic and arrived home at about 7pm (including a half-hour ice cream stop at Exeter). Because of Jacqueline's sting I ended up driving all the way, and consequently am struggling to keep my eyes open now. It won't be long before I drop off, I reckon.

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