Sunday, 15 August 2004

Off to Cornwall

Well, a busy last few days. We are now on holiday in Cornwall, having arrived here yesterday, while on Thursday night it looked like I wouldn't be coming here at all.

My mother arrived Thursday and virtually from the moment I arrived home we argued. This time, Alice was the cause. Having broken something of mine earlier in the day I shouted at her. My mother immediately jumped to her defence and tell me to stop chastising her. Also, whenever I get angry with Alice, Jacqueline always takes her side, so a dispute between myself and Alice almost automatically turns into a dispute between myself and Jacqueline.

Ah, well, anyway.... Suffice it to say we all eventually calmed down and yesterday came across to Cornwall. Jacqueline had the bright idea of leaving early, so we left at 6:30am and it did, in fact, turn out to be a bright idea. We didn't hit any traffic until well into Cornwall, and by that time we were probably only 30 miles from the holiday village in St Ives, with something like 5 hours until our arrival time. So when we did hit some traffic, we took a detour away from it and were fine. We ended up reaching a pretty little fishing village called Porthleven, where we took lunch and had our first Cornish ice cream.

First impressions of the Holiday Village haven't been particularly favourable. The chalet is unbelievably small, and the furniture in it looks to be straight out of Argos - cheap pine and chipboard. There are some 300 chalets on the site. There's a basic shop and pool, both of which are Ok but nothing special. There's also a kind of club, which is a bit grotty. Reminds me of a working mens club from somewhere up north, to be honest. There have been a couple of kids events, which Alice has enjoyed, but the amount of parents sitting there smoking was staggering. Difficult to say all of this without sounding snobbish, but this kind of holiday really isn't my cup of tea. Having said that, there has been plenty for Alice to do, which was a big factor in coming here.

Today we went for a swim, then headed off to Land's End (check out the photos). After having a bit of a walk, we settled down and had an ice cream, and Alice watched Punch and Judy. After that, we drove on to Sennen Cove, but couldn't find anywhere to park. We continued along the coast and out of the blue saw a sign for Pendeen Light House. Sounded interesting, so we headed on down there, and now we know how lighthouses work. The lighthouse is about 110 years old, and there was some beautiful engineering and craftsmanship on display. All obsolete now, of course. The same function is performed remotely using silicon chips. Maybe I'm just an old romantic at heart...

More friction with my mother. Whenever I shout at Alice I get backchat from her Grandma, it's very annoying. She'll never say what she wants to do, just says "I'm easy", so one has to guess what she wants to do. She won't even join in as much as coming to this "clubhouse" place with us. Not sure this was such a good idea...

Weather thus far has been very variable - very sunshine and (heavy) showers. is showing showers every day in St Ives for the next week! Still, hopefully we'll be Ok. Other items we've discussed doing this week are: firework display (Alice loves fireworks), day trip to the Scilly Isles (well, its different), and a trip down a mine (which Grandma has already said she's not interested in).

Will keep you posted.

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