Friday, 20 August 2004

Pleasant Surprise

Another largely successful day, thus far.

Because of the rain we weren't in any great hurry to leave this morning, as it was we didn't get out until almost 1pm. Off to the Poldark Mine, an old tin mine which does guided tours. This was one of the main things I wanted to do in Cornwall. We spent about an hour underground - excellent but rather wet at its deepest points. I was quite surprised that they know so little about the mine - they don't know when exactly it closed (although they reckon about 1880), or even the full extent of the mine. But it was entertaining stuff, and the guide certainly seemed to convey his own interest in digging around in deep holes! On the surface, there was a wood turner and we picked up a couple of lovely pieces of woodwork (a vase and, er, "an ornament").

On to Truro, although it was 4pm by the time we got there so we just had time for a bite to eat and a brief walk around. Alice had an enormous ice cream sundae - strawberry and cornish ice cream, plus clotted cream. Interestingly, she also made a bee-line for the cathedral, so we took in a quick tour. In St Pastel she did the same thing, so maybe we're rearing a religious child.

My mother incurred my wrath in Truro. We always shout at Alice because she can't leave things alone. If she sees something, she has to touch it or affect it in some way. She can't just leave things be. Typical of children, you might say. Except my mother (who has just passed sixty) is just the same. We were back at the car, and loading things into the boot. Now, we've had this car for over five years so I'm quite familiar with the dimensions of it. Except this time I bent down to put something in the boot and - Bang! I caught my head right on the corner of the hatchback. The reason? My mother had decided that rather than just let the hatch extend to its full height, she'd hold it. Consequently it was a foot or so lower than usual and I didn't notice it. A small thing maybe, but it bloody hurt! She can't just let things happen naturally, she has to affect them in some way.
On the same note I should just add that it has been funny seeing her with Alice all week. Alice likes to be free, my mother likes to control. Immovable object, unstoppable force. The upshot is that Alice has spend a lot of the week not speaking to my mother - who doesn't understand why. Amazing when you consider that Alice is only five.

Just writing this briefly this evening - we've decided to go out and get some fish and chips tonight, so I'm making the most of the half hour before we go out. Worthwhile to write a summary of the holiday:
  • Books read 1 (almost) of 4) . Not very good but four was very optimistic. And a lot of free time has been spent either diarising or organising the photographs (must have taken about 300 since we arrived)
  • Television Watched - none - exactly to plan. The tv has been on sometimes, but it's been a background thing.
  • Diary - this'll be the fourth entry of the holiday, which isn't bad, don't you think?
  • Wasps killed - seven or eight. The one thing about the Holiday Village is that it also appears to be a major wasp habitat. Thank you, Raid - since our Tesco's run Monday you've made our lives a whole lot better!
Home tomorrow - just when we're getting into the swing of things. We're talking about one final visit on the way home tomorrow - will let you know what happens from the comfort of my own office!

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