Sunday, 8 August 2004

Summer Sunday

Well, another fairly agreeable weekend. We went out for a pizza Friday, and had a barbie each weekend night. Quite a lazy weekend in fact. Yesterday we went over to Bournemouth (Jacqueline's flat again), but didn't do a lot else. Today we did the weekly shop, then I unpacked the new bike rack to test it on the car (fine). Also, Jacqueline was working this afternoon so I'd promised to take Alice to Clownabout. She'd been playing wit next doors' kids all afternoon so I offered to take them along too. Everyone seemed to enjoy it for the last hour of the day.

I've been quite conscientious this weekend and got around to sorting all the party photos, including separating out child-specific photos for respective parents. At the end of last Sunday we went for a walk down to the Millenium Green, and I got some really good scenic photos just as the sun was going down.

My latest invoice didn't get paid Friday as expected, so will be very poor this week! Must speak to the bank tomorrow...

Still, looking forward to the family holiday in a couple of weeks time.

Oh, incidentally, although it's been ok weather-wise, its been quite muggy today and nowhere near the glorious weather we had for last week's party. We do seem to be unbelievably lucky with the weather each year.

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