Thursday, 16 September 2004

After the flurry of excitement

Frustratingly quiet week. No news on the client front, so obviously nothing has come of last week's meet. Not even a phone call from the agent to say that the client weren't going to pursue things. Useless.
Very quiet with the current client. It looks like a wannabe project manager has hogged me for his project, when in reality there isn't a great deal to do on it. Consequently the client is generally running around complaining about lack of resources, and I'm very quiet. Still, I've mentioned this to the guy's bosses so can do no more. Still, being quite lightly loaded does allow me some time to hunt out new clients (and catch up with web logs!), so I can't complain too much.

Finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo, definitely recommended. On a whim I bought another Dumas, The Three Musketeers, except I bought the original French version. I tried reading it on the trian home but of course I read French far more slowly than I read English, so progress was rather painful. So have now settled into the last of my planned summer reads, Bill Clinton's autobio. Quite good, but I'm only thirty of forty pages in so far.

Back to the business front, I got a reply from the VAT people. I think I wrote about a month ago that they'd decided to give the company a punitive fine. Can't remember whether I mentioned that I sent a snotty appeal letter back to them, but I did. The letter of yesterday said that they'd rejected the appeal. So, now I'll just sit back and wait for the court order requiring me to pay. I'm not going to make things easy for them.

Jacqueline still hasn't sold her flat and is getting stressed out about it. It could do with getting a fair amount of work done on it, so the trick will be to do the bare minimum in order to make it sell. She tried with "do nothing" and that approach hasn't worked! It's quite a lot to outlay, but of course it is chicken feed when compared with what she'll finally sell the flat for.

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