Monday, 27 September 2004

Been a while since I wrote anything, but been quite busy with work. Nothing really new happening, just quite a bit to do at present. Never heard anything back about that new business I mentioned previously. That's the third this year that has gone belly up.

More grief, this time from the VAT people. The appeal to them about their fine failed. Not really surprising - there are hardly any acceptable grounds of appeal. Jacqueline thinks I should pay them, and the money is in th bank, but out of principle I'm going to let this go to court. I know I will lose in the end, but otherwise I will be seen as a soft target. It is possible for me to take the case to a second round of appeal, and I'm waiting to find out more on that. I'll make them earn their bloody money. (On top of all that, I have to fill out the regular return this week.)

Alice is well-and-truly back at school. She seems happy, but as the youngest person in her class we do worry about her lack of maturity compared to the other kids. The school wrote us to say that there was a vacancy for a parent-governor. Sounded quite interesting, but the thought of people having to vote for you is somehow distasteful.

Last weekend quite good. We went to Castle Point yesterday to stock up on some winter clothes for Alice. The least interested party in all this, of course, was Alice, although once we got home she was quick enough to put some of them on! Jacqueline was working, so it was just Alice and I. Spent some time pottering around the garden - everything will turn autumnal soon, but we're not quite there yet. I was going to do some general chopping back (chance to finally use this new trimmer), but I don't think it is time yet.

Must try to make time to seek out new business this week. Last week I didn't even try to find anything.

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