Monday, 6 September 2004

Sunny Weekend

A good weekend. Saturday Jacqueline's sister Lorraine came over, complete with new man, and everyone met up at the park in Fordingbridge for a picnic. Weather very pleasant, and spent a lot of time wading in the river! We ended up buying far too much food, so supper Saturday and breakfast Sunday involved scoffing the remnants.

Yesterday, drove over to the Chichester area. We've talked tentatively of moving, and I thought it might be quite a good area to move to. Ideally, a village location not far from the sea. Of course, it was beautiful weather so the roads were thick with traffic headed for the beaches, however once we got off the beaten track onto some unclassified roads we soon found some nice villages. But I don't think we'll find anywhere right by the sea. Wherever we went by the sea, there were lots of houses, and to be honest I'd happily live as far away from other people as possible - we visited a "village" called East Wittering (right on the shore) and this "village" was several times bigger than Downton. That having been said, Jacqueline would be happy to be within a couple of miles of the sea, so we may find something a little inland. Had both lunch and supper out yesterday, so we treated ourselves a little.

I looked at the train times today and the travel time from that part of the world into London is roughly the same as currently. One of the things that Jacqueline would like is for me to be at home more, but I don't seriously think that's going to happen if we end up anywhere by the sea. Havant is probably best at 1h10 (and into Waterloo to boot), Brighton is the same kind of time, although into Victoria (not as good). Anything in between the two just increases from that. Plus, I'd like this to be a "strategic" move, i.e. we buy a house that should do us for twenty years or so, so it'd involve quite a hefty mortgage to do all of this.

Possibility of some new business - am meeting potential clients on Wednesday - but its not a business area I'm used to, and already they've made noises about the rate I'd require. As always, I remain cautious but open.
You never know, I may be able to offer exactly what they're looking for and it might be the start of a wonderful relationship! Well, it might!

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