Friday, 15 October 2004

Eventful Week

Things are a-happening on the business front. Ruptions the other day when I announced to the current agency that I was going to use the new regulations to drop them, and was in the future thinking of pitching directly to the client. They argued this, of course, (their MD came across as very angry!) but I'm nice and solid from the legal side and judging by what was said it doesn't look like they're overly familiar with the law. I believe they even tried to get the client to come down on their side (i.e. "the only way we'll allow you to have a contract to us is if its through your agency"), but the only reason I embarked on this course was because the client had already said they were entirely neutral over it, so I can't imagine that's a viable option. The only thing to be on the lookout for is late payment from now on - if these people are sufficiently hacked off they may start playing silly-buggers with invoices, so I'll need to be prepared for that. But at least I have a good solicitor who's now familiar with the case, and any action I took would be on the very solid ground of the existing contract. Fun. Fun. Fun. But they I could never have expected them just to back down, since I probably make them over £10k per year all told.

Still looking for a phone - the one I wanted wasn't in stock anywhere. I wonder why? Withdrawn following problems? You never know, the reviews I read weren't particularly good. Difficult, though, to find an alternative, although there might be a Panasonic phone that fits the requirements.

On the subject, wouldn't be averse to upgrading the mobile phones soon either. Both Jacqueline and myself are using Ericssons, which seem to discharge at a fair rate of knots. Even despite a new battery in each. They do seem a bit flimsy too - I'm forever having to "reboot" mine. I think we might try Nokia next time - there's a new phone out in the new year which looks good. I used to use Motorola but they were particularly bad just as soon as you want to connect them to anything. I had a USB cable to connect my Motorola phone to my laptop, and when it stopped working the only advice they could offer was to reinstall Windows. As if... At least Ericssons have a good choice of connectivity - cable, ir and bluetooth.

Busy weekend planned. Got to get my haircut tomorrow, then over to Jacqueline's flat to finish laying the lino in her bathroom. Sunday we've got a trip to Ikea planned, again to kit out her flat. That'll be a long day, since our nearest Ikea is Bristol, and last time we went there it took a good couple of hours to get there. Still, what can you do?

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