Sunday, 31 October 2004


Still on the subject of music, we were in the car yesterday when "Light my fire" came onto the radio. It was a cover version, sung by a woman (well, I did say I was ignorant of pop music).

Anyway, Alice was obviously listening intently to the words of the song, and then attempted to dissect its meaning. Needless to say, Alice's interpretation involved, not least, a baby and a fire. And of course, as we all know, it is very dangerous for babies to light fires, so the woman was naughty for asking. Hilarious.

Actually, I'm lying in bed writing this (the clocks went back last night and it feels like time to get up, even though its only time to turn over and go back to sleep), and Alice has just woken up. She's in her bed having a deep, meaningful conversation (one assumes) with one of her dolls.

Yesterday quite good. Full of cold at the moment, but went over to put the finishing touches to Jacqueline's flat. Each time we go there now, we think "Right, this is the last time". And it never is. Yesterday, we went to B&Q to get some odds and sods to fix a couple of tiles back onto the backroom wall, and to put a watertight seal around the side of the bath. (The bathroom has caused no end of problems over the years with water seeping through to the downstairs flat.) This was easy enough, but we also needed to get a runner for a sliding door. (The door into the lounge is a sliding door.) 50p tops. And could we? Instead, we had to buy a complete replacement mechanism, at a cost of £15. Then, as I was putting this on (typical self-assembly story) one of the bolts to attach the door to the runner was the wrong size. In the pack there was one M6 bolt (the correct size) and one M8 bolt (too big). So we couldn't even finish that job. Plus, Jacqueline took some pictures over to the flat, and although she brought a hammer and picture hooks, she'd left behind the tape measure.. So there's still a couple of things to do, shall we say. Still, its sufficiently little that Jacqueline should be able to sort it.

Yesterday evening, Fordingbridge Rotary Club put on an excellent firework display at Godshill. Really good, about twenty minutes worth, plus an enormous bonfire. And there were a couple of fairground rides there, so Alice was very excited. They actually let her in for free, but we more than made up for it with the other money. So we had one happy child on our hands - as I think I've written previously she does love fireworks. We also have two further displays over the next week. Friday, we have a "home" display, Jacqueline having bumped into someone she knew when Alice was a toddler a couple of weeks ago, and we got an invite to their Bonfire Night barbeque. Must buy some fireworks for that one. Then, next Saturday, the Downton Scouts have their annual Firework display, which is normally pretty good.

Must go now, I appear to have become a cat magnet.

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