Tuesday, 19 October 2004


Once again its been a few days since the last entry, but hey...

Nothing yet sorted on the contract front, although I am going to meet some potential clients tomorrow. Been set up by an agent - wonder how it'll get screwed up this time? Seriously, nt sure even if the role is for me, but its only a few minutes away from the current client so it can't hurt. Ironically a couple of decent-sounding architecture contracts have come onto Jobserve today, but they're probably a week too late for the timing to work.

Had an interesting time at the clients today. Met their CEO for the first time - a very switched-on guy. He was talking about the future business direction of their company (not quite sure why the wanted a consultant there, but there you go), and it was fascinating stuff.

Missed Tony Benn's book signing at Hatchards, which was sometime last week. Was going to buy a copy today, but didn't get out of the office for lunch. Maybe tomorrow... Not even sure what the exact subject matter is, but its bound to be interesting. On the subject of "interesting", I had nothing to read this morning so bought a copy of The Times at the station. It was actually a pretty good read. I'm not normally one for newspapers but might try this again.

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