Thursday, 28 October 2004

Nothing better to do

Am sitting on the train having just completed a letter and with a few minutes to spare, so thought I'd update the blog. The days are getting shorter, and the weather in general is becoming stormier. Typical autumn weather, the time of year when hibernation seems to be a good option.Alice has been on half-term all week, and spent the whole day at an after-school club yesterday. She seems to really like it there, and I think it is good that she's amongst older kids - heaven knows, they might have some influence on her!

Came across another interesting blog site yesterday, which I found from The Register. This woman is a trolly dolly who keeps a blog, and on that blog she published pictures of herself posing in her uniform. The airline she works for found out, and.... she's now been suspended and is very famous! Must have a read at some point. Also found out that the George W Bush website has been reconfigured to only accept web requests from within the USA. I suppose they've been subject to Denial of Service attacks - as a chap from my client's said, he'd do that if he had nothing better to do. Fair enough I suppose. Very representative, though, of the type of insular attitude the guy has. The US has lost so much credibility with the rest of the world over the last four years. Let's hope they can tear the site down soon in any case after he loses the election.

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