Monday, 11 October 2004

Our Day Out

I know, I know. It's been ages. I went through a phase where I was blogging quite frequently, but this definitely seem to have tailed off.

Well, work has livened up. My contract with the current clients is coming to an end at the end of the month, and they have asked to renew. Despite the fact that the work I do for them doesn't exactly turn me on, right now they're the only show in town so it won't hurt to renew with them. I'm going to try to get rid of the middleman, though, so have had to pay for a solicitor to look into this. When I speak to a guy who can charge £230 per hour, I know I made the wrong career choice. I was all set to study Law too, at Bristol Poly (as it was then). What a damn fool idea it was to end up in Cardiff studying Physics. Still, I do know a guy who was a solicitor and ended up jacking it all in out of boredom. I suppose you end up working for some provincial law firm, doing conveyancing or something equally mind-numbing, and it must get to you eventually. Criminal Law must be a turn-on, and personally I find contracts quite fascinating. After all, at £230 an hour it pays to make use of these guys as infrequently as possible!

Have taken steps to move the company up a couple of notches. I've taken a vitrual address in the City. Basically they sit there and forward your mail, and forward your phone calls. Doesn't mean anything much but it does allow me to separate out "home" and "office" that little bit more. This can be quite difficult, given that n common with many self-employed people my home doubles up as my office. Plus, if ever I do need to hold meetings in the City, I can rent office space from these people at quite a reasonable rate.

More business, this time from the VAT people. Have finally paid them their fine, the only pleasure is that I have wound a couple of them up along the way - I paid at the final hurdle before the summons. I was actually in two minds whether to make the cheque out to "H M Thieving Bastards" or something. It really gets my goat. And the problem with it all is that what they have done is perfectly legal. Whilst I'd love to think in terms of "revenge", its just not possible for this to happen without, basically, going on the fiddle. So you just have to bite your lip and keep looking forward.

Had a very enjoyable day today. Jacqueline had a study day at the hospital (something about strokes) and Alice had the day off while her teachers had a training day (funny, don't remember them from when I was a kid). So I volunteered to take the day off to look after her, and Alice and I went to Paultons. Very good. We were lucky with the weather (a bit fresh but bright enough) and there was hardly anyone in the place. We must have gone n every ride at least twice, there were no queues whatsoever. I must admit, though, as Alice gradually loses her fear of these rides, I'm getting less and less keen on them. Old age???

Also been spending time at Jacqueline's flat. Unfortunately she hasn't sold the thing, it just looks too shoddy on the outside. So, she's doing it up and is going to rent it out for a while longer. She's having new windows put in professionally, but the onus is basically on us to tart up the interior. So she's been painting and I've spent a day ripping up a tatty bathroom old carpet to replace it with some lino. Quite a daunting job but quite straightforward once I'd got into it. I've prepared the floor but unfortunately ran out of time, so actually cutting the lino to size will be a job for next weekend. Plus she's talking of an Ikea trip to kit the place out, although quite why she needs to do this is beyond me.

Friday the phones decided to pack up at home. Not quite true - they will work as long as the handsets are within a yard or so of the base unit. Great, for a cordless phone system. Still, it was probably three or four years old so I suppose all good things come to an end. Only problem is, not quite sure what to replace it with. There are a couple of high-end phones on the market but all appear to have flaws. I think I'll end up just going to John Lewis and buying the latest version of the phone that's just packed up (the phone I had was a 1st-generation Philips Zenia, they're now up to the Zenia 300, but its got a couple of quite poor reviews on Amazon) and making sure I keep the receipt!

Ah well, its been a long day and I'm well and truly knackered. The last thing I feel like dong is working in the morning! Night, Night.

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