Friday, 29 October 2004

There can be only one

Nothing much on tv tonight so put a DVD on - Highlander. Hard to believe the film is 20 years old. Some excellent musinc in it from Queen, too.

Tired by the time it ended so have come to bed in order to chill, and to update the blog.

In a kind of sentmental mood - a year or so ago I ripped our CD collection into MP3s - a real fag at the time since we must have a couple of hundred albums all told. I seem to remember it took something like a month of doing a few at a time to get everything onto the computer. By the time I'd finished I'd copied 20GB of music. Anyway....

The upshot of all of this is that I can blog and listen to music at the same time. In a kind of reflective mood tonight. Following of from Highlander, I put on Queen's (or rather Freddie Mercury's) Those were the days of our Lives. Then Buddy Holls (True Love Ways) and John Lennon (Love). Excellent songs. A little sombre, though, so I've just livened things up with some Housemartins and Pulp. Is it just me, or were the Housemartins absolutely brilliant? A complete breath of fresh air!

That reminds me. One of these days I will compile a CD with my favourite all-time songs. I can probably list many of them here, they're in the order I remember them rather than my No. 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • Louis Armstrong - Moon River (although this probably is No 1)
  • Bob Marley - Give Thanks
  • Aswad - African Children Part 2
  • Cyndi Lauper - True Colors
  • Buddy Holly - True Love Ways
  • Freddie Mercury - Those Were The Days of Our Lives, maybe Who Wants To Live Forever too
  • Beach Boys - Warmth of the Sun
  • Charles Trenet - La Mer (...maybe)
  • The Beatles - The Fool on the Hill (...maybe)
  • Abba - Happy New Year (...maybe)
  • Marvin Gaye - Abraham, Martin and John
There we are. Not an exhaustive list, but easily enough for an album!

Probably no coincidence that most of these songs come from artists I'd describe as my favourites also. Certainly Satch, and the big reggae influence from my college years. Ironically I rever really liked Queen as a contemporary band, it's only really since Freddie Mercury was ailing that I realised what an enormous talent he was. Cyndi Lauper too - excellent talent. I must say The Beatles and Abba are one of the bands I like more than most, but they tend to be more of a really high standard across the board rather than having one or two blistering hits. I'd also include the Housemartins / Beautiful South in that category.

Marvin Gaye was another example of a tragedy, along with the likes of Buddy Holly and John Lennon, plus of course Freddie Mercury. It's a reminder of how human we all are.

Of course, from all of this you'll have gathered that I don't have much of an idea about popular music. Sorry, but I like what I like and am not really sufficiently interested in the subject to keep up with new bands and so on. I did buy a Kylie album a couple of christmasses ago, though. The music was for Alice, the cover photos for me! Jacqueline's much more interested in bands'n'stuff than I am.

Whoever thought I'd be documenting my musical tastes at 11 o'clock on a Friday night. And I haven't even talked about the classical music I like.

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