Monday, 15 November 2004

Flat Pack Furniture

Pleasant weekend once again.

Saturday, I had to pick my car up (it had been at the garage for a service), so we wandered over to Bournemouth and brunched at Castle Point. We then left Jacqueline's car there and set off to the Purbecks for the day, with the roof down.

Much as I don't like to get into Christmas until December (at least!) I relented this year. I have been looking for a fleece and we happened to spot an outdoor shop in Bournemouth. We parked up, and found the perfect item. Very lightweight and very warm. It was quite expensive, but Jacqueline said that she'd buy it as my christmas present.

We ended up at Durdle Door on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Quite cold, but we were all well wrapped up. Took loads of photographs (which are a\lready on the Family Album site!), and watched the sun go down over Portland Bill. The wellies got another test in the sea, unfortunately so too did Alice's skirt and tights, when she almost fell over trying to outrun the incoming tide. Back to Castle Point to pick up the other car, and some supper from Marks and Spencer. Alice was happy because we got her favourite, Bangers and Mash. I, on the other hand, had some Cod in Parsley Sauce, on top of a pile of oven chips. Heaven!

Sunday, Jacqueline worked in the morning, and I had a lovely lie in. When I finally did get up, I spent a hour or so updating the Family Album. The last time I'd uploaded photographs was in August, so there were quite a few to put up there. Having done this successfully, and backed up some of the machines (very important!) it was time for a relaxing bath. Lovely, chilled-out morning, even with Alice around! When Jacqueline got home we headed out for lunch and to do the weekly shop, which was uneventful. On arriving home, I finally got my act together to put a flat-pack bedside cabinet together for Alice.

Now, I'm not a fan of anything flat-pack. If you ask me, it's all crap. I'd sooner pay extra for something ready-, and solidly-made. However, yesterday I met the exception to the rule. We'd bought this one from IKEA, and it was quite cheap, although wood as opposed to chipboard. And it went together with absolute minimal effort. No parts missing, no swearing at all. And, when it was done, it looked very good and felt very solid. Very proud of myself. Alice even helped to screw the feet on! It's always a balance with anything for Alice, for she takes care of absolutely nothing, yet we don't want to stuff her room full of rubbish furniture. And with this, we just about got things right.

Yesterday evening we all - cats included - feasted on a roast pheasant dinner. Beautiful, we don't have pheasant very often. Then, settled down to Foyle's War, and settled back for the start of another week.

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