Sunday, 28 November 2004

Gosh, its been a whole week since I wrote anything. Well, in fairness, nothing much has happened.
Been very busy at the client's, I'm doing a new piece of work for them and would really like to get it sorted in time for christmas. But it does at least mean that there's a lot going on. To my detriment, however, I haven't really had the time to look for new work.

Jacqueline had a stall yesterday at a Christmas Fayre in a local village, to sell her crafty things. She actually did quite well out of it I think, and Alice and I tagged along. Given that the village was up in the forest, Alice had a great time since the hall in which the fayre was held pretty much backed onto open countryside. So she made several new friends and was running around like a mad thing. Very dirty, but happily tired out.
Lazy day today, can you believe I had a lie-in until 11 o'clock? In fairness, I was up early yesterday. We headed into Bournemouth to do the weekly shop, then over to the Royal Bath for some afternoone tea. OK, but definitely a lower quality than last time we were there - didn't even come with clotted cream. Pretty awful day, grey and raining. Also quite cold, and dark by 5 o'clock.

Couple of things this week. I was after a song that I thought we had, but couldn't find it. So I joined one of these file-sharing networks. There's a lot said about copyrighted materials on these networks, but it was great to be able to find this song, a vocal version of "Sleigh Bells", which Alice had requested. I did download a couple of others that I used to have on a 12" album, but have never had on CD. Jacqueline was enthralled (she's into music a lot more than me), and again was looking for songs that she'd once had on vinyl but had never had on CD.

Of course, now it has caused a row since there were two or three songs that I had queued to download and Jacqueline deleted them from the list. The row is caused because I dared to say anything, so of course everything is automatically my fault. Forget about not messing with things you don't understand. I sometimes see where Alice ets things from.

On a more "normal" note, got a book by Rory Bremner, who is not someone I normally watch on TV. Very satirical, to be expected, but equally quite concerning with some of the facts that it raises. Not a particularly constructive book, it distains both Blair and the Tories alike, so I suppose from this perspective plays to popular opinion.

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