Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Holiday Plans

Starting to think about Summer holidays. I think we'll go over to Centerparcs in the Loire for a week or so.

It'll be more expensive than this year's holiday, but looking back over the August blog entries tends to suggest that we'll need to pay more to get something decent! Les Hauts de Bruyeres, I think it is called. We've been to Centerparcs at Longleat for a long weekend, and it was excellent. So much to do there, Alice loved it and would like it even more now that she's older. Plus, if we go there for 10 days or so, there'll be sufficient time to go off-site - there's an awful lot of places in the Loire valley worth visiting. That'll keep Jacqueline and myself happy (we don't want an entirely child-oriented itinerary). Finally, of course, the fact that it is in France gives me the opportunity to practise the language, which is rare these days. We'll need to book a ferry crossing - don't want the hassle of driving to Dover and then from Calais - so it will be like holidays of old. I'm going to enquire about going during termtime, since it is so much cheaper, and places tend to be far less packed. Hope the school don't mind.

Alice, by the way, is also starting French lessons, at an after-school club. For somebody who doesn't even like the fact that she has to sit still at school, and put her hand up before she speaks, this will be interesting...
In the news, there is lots of fighting in Iraq. Emlyn Hughes, the ex-footballer, died yesterday. I remember him because he was the Liverpool captain in the late 70s, just at the time that I was becoming aware of football, and Liverpool were winning everything in sight. It was the fact that Liverpool were winning everything that prompted me to start supporting Everton. See? Always been a bit of a rebel, right from the word go! Fortunately, football no longer causes me the anguish it once did, having stopped taking serious interest a long time ago.

Last Saturday, a train was derailed when it hit a car which had been parked on a level crossing. The consensus appears to be that the driver of the car had committed suicide. Unfortunately, his actions left seven people dead. How considerate of him... Finally, Arafat is still hanging in there, although there's lots of smoke and mirrors as to his exact condition. I don't think anyone seriously expects him to return home alive.

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