Thursday, 11 November 2004

Holiday Reality!

Heard on the news overnight that Arafat has died. Quite what will happen hereon will be interesting to observe.

Booked the summer holidays today. Ten days in Centerparcs, with a couple of days either side. Not quite sure what to do on the way down there - stop at a hotel halfway down I guess - but on the return it might be good to spend a couple of days in St Malo. It is a lovely part of the world, and we know an excellent hotel there (Le Grand Hotel des Thermes), and I've only really spent an overnight stop in St Malo before. It would be lovely to spend a little time exploring the Brittany coast. Doubtless the family will be happy.

Ordered a webcam for Alice yesterday. Never bothered with one before, but might be fun to play around with. Also took the opportunity to buy a couple of technical books I'd been promising myself for a time.
Car is in for a service and MOT tomorrow, so if there are no entries beyond this, it's because I've died of shock! On the subject of cars, someone hit Jacqueline the other day. The car was parked and empty at the time, fortunately, so nobody was hurt, but Jacqueline was right by the car so saw the whole thing, and got the woman's details. Should be quite straightforward, since there can't be any question of culpability.

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