Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Not up to much

Very quiet day. At the client's again, but their database has been down all day so there's a limit to what I can do. They've just asked me to build a pretty major add-on to something I built for them a year or so ago, so there's quite a bit of thinking to be done at present. Keeps me busy, better than there being too little to do.

Have been eBaying a lot lately. Nothing major, but just noticed some gaps in my CD collection, and you can pick up lots of CDs for just a couple of pounds on eBay. Obviously if they become much more expensive than that I need to compare the price to what I'd need to pay for it new.

Some books arrived yesterday - haven't invested in any technical books for a long time - so have plenty of reading material. Also got a web cam, which will be a present for Alice at christmas. God knows what she'll be able to do with it, I've never really taken much interest in them. But she has one at school so maybe she'll have some idea. I know you can get into video messaging etc. but I can't think of anyone else who's got this kind of setup. It's going to sit in the cupboard until Christmas now, so no doubt we'll be able to play with it then.

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