Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Relaxing Weekend

Had a good, relaxing weekend. Friday, went to a bonfire party at the house of someone Jacqueline knew a couple of years ago, but kind of lost touch with. It was a "bring your own" party, and quite a few people turned up, so there were lots of smallish fireworks. OK, but too many really. All the kids had become fed up long before the supply was exhausted. However, there was an excellent barbeque and a huge bonfire, so we were well fed and warm. Alice enjoyed herself immensely, making instant friends. She spent most of her time in the kids' bedroom, playing "dressing up".

Saturday, had a nice, lazy day. Even managed a lie in. Jacqueline went over to Bournemouth in the morning to show some people around the flat - which is, happily, now let. I stayed in with Alice and we just bummed around. Went into Salisbury for lunch and a little shopping, then back home in good time for the Downton Scouts firework display, in the village. Better than Helen's, but not as good as last weekend. To be expected, really, but good fun.

Sunday, we had to go over to Bournemouth once again for Jacqueline to pick up some stuff she'd left over there. Afterwards, having nothing better to do, we went out past Christchurch to Mudeford, stopping at a garden centre along the way. We all bought new wellies, and found a pretty, "christmassy" tree. At Mudeford, we had an excellent walk along the beach, paddling, of course, in our new wellies. Took some photographs - when I picked the camera up I realised that there were photos on there from September, must update the album soon! - although it was quite misty. As it got darker we could just about see the red light of the Needles lighthouse, about 8 miles away, but we couldn't see the Isle of Wight coast at all. All in all, lovely. We'd all love to live somewhere near the sea, and the beaches from the Forest westwards are absolutely beautiful, its just a question of the daily commute to town.

Anyway, excellent day.

Back to London yesterday, and spent the day with the client. Really must keep on the lookout for some new business. Clients, as ever, are nice, but the work is just so bland. Oh, to get back into building systems instead of worrying about such-and-such a line of code. I do look back sometimes at what I was doing three of four years ago and wonder whether that was the highlight of the career, and everything will just go downhill from there. It certainly feels like it. Still, it's at times like this that I just need to put my "consultants" hat on, knuckle down, be professional, and reflect that every month I'm with the clients I own that much more of my house!
On the reading front, have now completed The Three Musketeers and started on Robinson Crusoe. Got a shock when I opened the bag containing the book - a wounded mouse had obviously scuttled into there, on the run from the Barn no doubt, and the bag had become the creature's final resting place. The only thing was, this was some time ago... So, the book is very whiffy, to say the least. However, A Tale (Tail?) of Two Cities is in even worse condition - that one had to be placed in a draughty location to air somewhat!

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