Wednesday, 3 November 2004

US Elections #2

Well, the US election result is now in. Kerry has conceded.

What I find really staggering is that Bush, who is nothing more than a Neanderthal, persuaded 58 million Americans to vote for him. Maybe I have this view because I am European, but Bush has no sense of history, and his handling of foreign affairs is that of a bull in a china shop. Not just simplistic, but overtly isolationist. It wouldn't surprise me to see the US ostracised because of this, and I would heartily cheer my own government were they to turn more toward our neighbours across the English Channel, rather than facing west across the Atlantic. And, as I say, this isn't just one mad bastard any more, he's carrying almost 60 million of his countrymen with him.

They elected Bush on the "war on terrorism" ticket. By "terrorism", read "someone who is militarily opposed to the US", which appears to be the new definition. Time will tell, I suppose, as to whether this approach is valid, but I don't believe you can militarily "beat" these people. The IRA were never defeated, remember, they were simply convinced that there was a better way forward.

A sad, sad, day.

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