Monday, 22 November 2004

Wet Weekend in Weymouth

Quite a lazy weekend, nothing much happening.

Saturday, while we were still in bed, we got a call from Jacqueline's sister Lorraine asking us what we were up to that day. We were thinking of taking the bikes out into the forest, but the weather was sufficiently foul that no-one was particularly keen. Once Lorraine called, we arranged to meet in a "family pub" in Weymouth for lunch. The pub was a bit grotty, but I made sure I ordered something sufficiently bland that it was difficult for them to screw it up. The big bonus was that it had an indoor play-area for the kids. So (in theory at least) we were able to sit down while the kids went mad. Alice and Lucy (Lorraine's elder) loved it, had their faces painted etc. Solomon (the younger) also seemed quite happy, although having just turned 1 he's a little small yet to join in properly. Still, he seemed very amused to look down on me from on top of this climbing frame. Jacqueline's mum was staying with Lorraine, so they were all able to have a natter while I turned off!

Couldn't work out why the pub wanted all my details for the kids to be allowed to go into the play area. They wanted name, address, everything. Possibly its for Health and Safety, but more likely its for marketing purposes. So I gave them some false details, and off the kids went.

After the meal the weather was still foul (I'd have quite fancied a walk otherwise since we were right next to the beach) so we headed off to Lorraine's for a coffee and just to chill out for a couple of hours. Alice gets on really well with Lorraine's kids so she was happy. I had to mess around with Lorraine's computer, which was in quite a sorry state. It was about 7 o'clock by the time we left - just enough time to stop off at Sainsbury's to get something nice for supper, although after the huge lunch a ham sandwich was enough for me.

Alice was terrible Saturday night - too much excitement during the day I guess - very naughty. I ended up smacking her and going to bed very stressed out. Consequently Sunday was a very lazy day, spent mostly tidying the house (which does look very nice now, but for how long). We got an offer to go swimming which I publicly declined, just so that Alice knew exactly why we weren't going. She was better behaved yesterday, which at least implies that she knew she'd done wrong.

Good programme about JFK on last night, of course the anniversary is today. Also, over the weekend was the very first anniversary of my starting the blog. Who'd have thought I'd still be writing after a year? And I've got George Bush to thank for it! Let's see now if I can manage another year.

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