Thursday, 16 December 2004

Almost Too Much...

More good news for civilisation, and bad news for Blunkett and New Labour.

The Court of Appeal today ruled that detaining people without trial is contrary to the human rights laws. About time - these people have been in prison for three years now. Massive vote, too - eight to one. Let's hope the detainees sue the government for millions. Far better to spend my taxes on that than on bombing civilians in Iraq.

Not quite over yet, though, since the new Home Secretary had refused to release them. I'm not sure what the fallout will be if the court says one thing and the government refuses to back down. I guess we'll see...
Even during the darkest Thatcher years we never had tyranny quite this bad.

Found out that I was a little hasty earlier in bemoaning South West Trains. Apparently a bunch of Fathers For Justice activists got onto the line into Waterloo and started climbing gantrys etc. Si Railtrack reduced the speed for safety reasons. Perfectly reasonable, I suppose, in the cold light of day.

As for Fathers For Justice, they're certainly grabbing publicity for their cause, but can they really expect sympathy when all they do is cost thousands of people time and money? Serve them right if these irresponsible buggers killed themselves whilst attempting their stunts, and do they really think people care if they ever see their kids again. Its just not the way to go about things.

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