Thursday, 16 December 2004

Bye, Bye David

Well, possible good news on the civil liberty front, with Blunkett resigning. For all his holier-than-thou nature, it ultimately appears that the guy was as corrupt as the rest of them.

For the record, David,
  • it is wrong to detain people without trial. Doesn't matter where they come from
  • it is wrong to try people without letting them know what evidence there is against them
  • it is wrong to restrict trials by jury
  • it is wrong to sort out passports and visas for your mates, even if you do run the Home Office
  • it is wrong to have leaders of other political parties arrested, no matter how much you dislike what they say
  • it was plain stupid to write an autobiography attacking your allies - god knows there are few enough of them - and to expect to have any future
How nice to wave goodbye to one of the most authoritarian people I have ever come across. Let's hope his successor cares more about upholding the civil rights of the people he was elected to represent.

How stupid Blair must look also, after his steadfast - and foolhardy as it turns out - support. There is so much happening these days that the government/New Labour seems to be in self-destruct mode, just like the Tories were in the nineties. Seven years in power....the equivalent of 1986 with Thatcher. With the exception of Westland, which was '85 I think, it took the Tories far longer to get sick of power.

South West Trains have introduced a new timetable, the old one being almost totally cast aside. So all the train times have changed. Rumor had it that a big reason for this was to aleviate the peak hour "train jams" outside of Waterloo, although they obviously won't say this outright, conscious of the egg-on-face syndrome.
If that was the reason, it hasn't worked. I got the "new" "early" train this morning, leaving 25 minutes earlier than the "old" "regular" train used to (getting up at 5:15am into the bargain!). Unfortunately, the new train arrived at Waterloo at exactly the same time as the old train was scheduled to. So has the journey become 25 minutes longer? Well, er, no, the old train was regularly 25 minutes late too. I know this just shows my lack of vocabulary, but words really do fail me. These people are absolutely fucking useless.

On other notes, the company that does all my company's web hosting has screwed up, resulting in any emails sent to the entire company over a 24-hour period being lost. "We're sorry", they said. Fortunately we don't get many emails, but it is damaging nevertheless. I only noticed because I hadn't had any emails at all for a day. I think the time has come to start up an internal project to write some kind of diagnostic tool for all this - it simply isn't good enough to find out that something has gone wrong by simply observing the consequences! Might be quite interesting in any case, I'll need to do some low-level work on SMTP and POP protocols. Sad, I know.

It was the anniversary of Saddam's captured a day or two ago. "Celebrated" in Iraq by a bomb or two. Even the interim puppet president is critical of the US and UK now. If they really want to focus on terrorism they should sort out these problems first. If you do, terrorism might just go away...

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