Friday, 10 December 2004


By a strange twist of fate, last time around I mentioned a Selection Box which we won in the school raffle. I didn't mention that we also bought a chocolate advent calendar last weekend for the sprog.

I arrived home Tuesday night to find that, greedy pig that she is, she had taken the Advent Calendar and eaten every last bit of chocolate in it. It's not as if she didn't know what she was doing - she knew all along that it was wrong, she was just greedy. I was absolutely livid and the Selection Box was confiscated. My intention was never to let the little bugger eat chocolate again, I was so angry.

Just three days later, I found that Jacqueline has let Alice have a bag of Maltesers, completely ignoring my ban. I mean, with christmas coming along we would probably have relaxed things anyway, but just three days later? I sometimes just think things just aren't worth it.

So, I've just given the remnants of the Selection Box to Alice, and watched her scoff it all. I am just going to steer clear of the whole matter. What they do is up to them.

Whilst I'm writing, I suppose I should mention that we went to a nice Thai restaurant last night, and I had an eye test which convinced me, at least, that I need to get some new glasses.

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