Thursday, 30 December 2004

He's Behind You

Packing a lot into the days at present.

Tuesday, we went over to Wilton and had a relaxing mooch around. Alice came with us, complete with Baby Annabel, pushchair and a couple of glove puppets she got for christmas (Mr Fox and Mr Mole). Quite an expedition! I managed to forget my wallet, so the excursion was on Jacqueline!

Yesterday was my birthday, which was a big deal with a five-year-old in the house. I crept out early to get my hair cut, then upon my return we had the "present opening" ceremony. Yesterday afternoon we went off to Southampton, to see the panto. Peter Pan. Alice loved it and was far better behaved than I thought she'd be. She got into it, shouting away at nasty old Captain Hook (Paul Nicholas). Peter Pan was played by a very cute Children's TV presenter. Some very fit dancers also! Smee was played by Geoff Hughes, who's spent the last 25 years unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the "Eddie Yeats" tag. All in all, brilliant. Capped off with a visit to TGI Fridays, as a birthday treat.

The only dark spot on the horizon was a problem with some smoke coming out of my car. Having just spent an inordinate amount of money getting the thing serviced I was not best pleased, so I've booked it in to be looked at tomorrow.

I've spent all morning doing the finances in preparation for a VAT return which I need to post this afternoon. I also need to get the annual accounts sorted, but the work for these has been mostly done. Personally, I need to work through credit card statements to make sure I've claimed all the business-related expenses of the last few months, and this'll be the big job. Still, I've done as much as I need to for today, and can finish the rest off a little more leisurely.

Have just discovered that the phones have gone on the blink once again, so I think we'll be popping out to the shops later on anyway...

Birthday presents included - a new bath robe from Jacqueline (I knew she'd get one!) and a book about diaries throughout the second world war. Should be fascinating.

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